authorize au‧thor‧ize [ˈɔːθəraɪz ǁ ˈɒː-] also authorise verb [transitive]
to give official or legal permission for something:

• The board has authorized the buy-back of 85,000 shares.

• The bill would authorize $850 million a year in grants to states to carry out school-improvement plans.

authorize somebody to do something

• The Food and Drug Administration authorized the company to restart production.

— authorized also authorised adjective :

• The company has a large network of authorized dealers.

— authorization also authorisation noun [countable, uncountable] :

• The airline got authorization for four weekly cargo flights to Chicago.

• He was accused of taking $38,000 from the company without authorization.

• The government is threatening to reduce export authorizations.

* * *

authorize UK US (UK also authorise) /ˈɔːθəraɪz/ verb [T]
to give official permission for something to happen, or to give someone official permission to do something: »

The Board of Directors has authorized a share buy-back program for up to 60 million shares of the company.

authorize sb to do sth »

Their technologies division has been authorised to sell, support, and train customers on the new mobile system.

authorized (UK also authorised) adjective

authorized retailers and wholesalers

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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